Smokin' hot bricks!

Discover 304 pages with beautiful bricks, new elegant sizes and read the story
of the Danish Brick Makers in our newly released catalog.

Library in New-Yorker style

The renovation of Herning library transformed an empty concrete shell from the 1960’es into a hip New-Yorker style city library and won the Renover-Prize 2015.

The Kroyer Square

Luxury residential-dwellings built in custom made bricks acknowledged with the MIPIM award in Cannes.

A flair for clay

Andreas, Peter and Hans Christian, three brickyard owners with three different stories to tell, but they all grew up with clayey soil in their backyards and represent generations of knowhow and experience.

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Egernsund Tegl’s long-year history guarantees high quality

Egernsund Tegl was founded in 1894 and is a merger of brickyards that represent several generations of dedication, experience and knowhow.

We pride ourselves of being first movers in developing brick systems that meet today’s requirements and consider it mandatory to keep modernizing traditional bricks to also enable future building projects all over the world to benefit by the unique and natural building material that bricks represent.

Our projects testify our professional qualifications

Let our products speak for themselves and enjoy them bricked up in large surfaces and innovative architecture

Have you paid our interactive Brick Designer a visit?

Egernsund Tegl’s interactive Wall Designer invites you to explore all our brickyard products and give your own personal designs a try with different colours of joints, bonds and mixed combinations of bricks.

Get to know all about our Passive House System +C

Together with the Danish Technological Institute, Bjerg Architecture, and the Danish Passive House Centre we have developed and probed a new passive house certified solution that meets the needs for thin cavity walls without losing heat through doors and windows. The premanufactured energy flanges that form part of the overall Passive Housing System +C ensure the accuracy and conformity of products that is vital to meet the air tightness requirements in the BR15/20 regulations on Energy Performance in Buildings.

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