Story and ownership

The history of Egernsund Tegl dates back to the 1880’es and took its beginning when 9,000 workers were occupied with manually digging the Kiel Canal. A project that took several years and entailed a heavy demand for bricks required to build factories and residential homes. On accomplishment of the giant excavation project, the obvious advantage in continuing the operation of the established production facilities resulted in the foundation of Egernsund Brickyard. Back then, the Kongeå River used to define the border between Denmark and Germany, and the close to 40 brickyards in Egernsund used to occupy more than 700 workers every season - mainly travelling journeymen.

Throughout their history, the brickyards have been privately owned and passed on to succeeding generations, and when a new generation took over, the change in ownership practically always entailed comprehensive rationalization efforts – thus in the 1960’es, measures were implemented to counter the competition from concrete elements, and in the 1970’es, production efficiency was raised to meet the demand from the boom in building and construction.


Brickyard owner Peter Matzen

Owner of Matzen Brickyard in 8th generation and owner of Gravenstein Brickyard (left).

Founded in 1750, Matzen Brickyard is one of Denmark’s oldest industrial companies and has always been a privately-owned undertaking – on the same site throughout its history. When a brickyard has had the same location for so many years, it is bound to leave its stamp on its surroundings. Most obvious of course are the clay pits, but also the buildings have long-year history to tell. Thus, there are still traces of the three types of kiln that have been used to fire former days’ bricks.
Products: Different sizes of hand- and soft moulded face bricks in different shades of colour and back-up bricks, lintels and custom bricks.

In the 1980’es, the Matzen family acquired Gravenstein Brickyard whose product range among others includes slop moulded face bricks in different shades of colour plus back-up bricks and a variety of custom bricks; all available in different sizes. 

Jointly, Andreas and Peter, the two brickyard owners in the Southern of Jutland also own the Bachmann Brickyard (subduing of bricks) and Egernsund Brick beams (brick beams and lintels).


Brickyard owner Andreas Christensen

Owner of Vesterled Brickyard in 3rd generation (middle).

Before being converted into a brickyard, Vesterled used to be a farm, whose name (Western Gate) originally, and as far back as anyone can remember, referred to the farm. The farm was located close to the village gate to the West and still constitutes part of today’s brickyard. In 2005, all production facilities were replaced by cutting-edge, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly equipment.
Products: Wire-cut bricks, slop moulded face bricks in different shades of colour and back-up bricks, lintels, and custom bricks; all available in different sizes.


Brickyard owner Hans Christian Hansen

Owner of Helligø Brickyard in 3rd generation (right).

Helligsø Brickyard, located close to the lake of Helligsø near Thy in the Northern of Jutland, was acquired by Christian’s grandfather in 1931. The brickyard has been currently modernized and today features a fully automated, state-of-the-art brickyard with 16 employees, who can manufacture up to 20 million wire-cut and slop moulded bricks a year.
Products: Slop moulded face bricks in different shades of colour and back-up bricks, all available in different sizes. The product range also includes lintels, custom bricks and antique vintage bricks.


Product development

Nowadays, product development, quality assurance, consultation and service also present important focus areas, but the brick itself still looks the same with all its aesthetic, technical and historical qualities. At Egernsund Tegl we pride ourselves of being first movers in developing brick systems that meet today’s requirements and we have devoted ourselves to keep modernizing traditional bricks to also let future building projects all over the world benefit by the unique and natural building material that bricks represent. Learn more about our Passive house System +C by clicking this link.

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