Egernsund Tegl’s main focus area is the construction of passive houses that match Danish environment and architecture. We therefore joined forces with the Danish Technological Institute, Bjerg Architecture, The Passive House Institute in Darmstadt Germany and Dansk Passivhus Center to develop and test a new construction system that meets future energy consumption requirements without adding to the wall thickness.The new energy-optimized brick wall system from Egernsund Tegl is a slim-line and partially precast solution. Offering construction sections with thin walls and sills integrated in the window openings it considers all the aesthetic and functional aspects of modern Danish architecture."There is no doubt that future construction needs have to involve the passive house concept. As insulation is a non-recurring expense, however, it is extremely important to carefully research market offers before selecting a solution that makes your investment pay off over the years", says Bjarne Sjoerring, Director of Egernsund Tegl.



    The new energy-optimized brick wall system from Egernsund Tegl responds to the needs of architects who complain that cavity insulation in passive house constructions often impacts the building’s aesthetics and consumes too much living area."Having replaced conventional rock wool with PUR- or PIR-insulation, we can manufacture slim-line walls of only 41 cm thickness; a cavity wall dimension that is otherwise not feasible in passive house construction. PUR or PIR is not as space-consuming as other types of insulation but nevertheless ensures an extremely low lambda-value of only 0.0210. Our objective was to optimize wall thickness and still meet the BR15/20 energy requirements", says Soeren Henrichsen, consultant architect with Egernsund Tegl.



    See our certificate on Passivehouse System +C here.

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