2.4.22 Brown

Project type Storey building
Construction year 2014
Used products 2.4.22

finn 1

Hyllie, at the last City Tunnel station before Copenhagen, is developing a new durable part of the city built of large blocks that look urban from the outside and with lightness and playfulness within. The large block is to be framed by varied and de-
corated facades in earth colours and each part of the facade will not be longer than 25-30 m. Yes, that’s what it says in the detail plan. Consequently a wealth of experiences will be offered here both to the residents and to visitors. Earth colours, decoration and durability – the choice of material was easy! The challenge lay rather in obtaining a brick skin wall to show variation, decoration and a little bit of a surprise. The choice fell initially on two types of brick for the two buildings that meet each other at a stairwell passage – these were “2.2.07M Red Dark Slopmoulded” and “2.4.22 Brown Slopmoulded” from Helligsø.

Apart from the choice of colour and character of the bricks, rich opportunities were offered to work on decorative effects. Here we have allowed the red facade to express itself in monochrome and in three dimensions. The brick surface run continuously up from an honest articulated brick relief to a completely smooth surface. For the brown brick facade, we chose the joint as a means of expressing a varied pattern effect, which perhaps can be most nearly likened to a weft in which the brick is wrapped with the joint constituting the warp.

The meaning of the joint is very clear in the two characters on each side – the joint in harmony with the brick against a varying joint and a normal joint against oversize joints. Certainly, it is remarkable that such an old prefabricated building component can be used and still seem functional, durable, versatile – and loved.

Carsten Andersson, Carsten Andersson Architects AB