2.7.23 Black Etna

Project type Storey building
Construction year 2014
Used products 2.7.23

”Those who want to compete with the brick architecture of Boberg’s gasometer can do so”, invited the city’s project manager. For us at Tengbom it was obvious that we should construct the facades in brick and Corten steel, for two reasons. On the one hand we were inspired by the high-class existing industrial architecture in brick and steel from the 1800s, and on the other hand, we wanted to choose a durable, beautiful, timeless and recyclable material in the new environmental part of the city. Norra Djurgårdsstaden is one of Europe’s largest current urban development projects. It should be a display window for durable city construction and offer one of Europe’s most attractive and modern living environments, in accordance with the city’s vision.

Our little residential project of a block of 40 apartments is a six storey infill in the Abisko district alongside Bobergsgata. The clients, Jesper and Erik Wallin, want to have high-quality apartments and “a facade that stands out” both metaphorically and literally. Hence the full-height bay windows in glass and Corten steel. From them, the resident has a beautiful view northwards along Bobergsgata towards the water at Husarviken. The Corten steel returns in the recessed penthouse at the very top of the terraces of the maisonettes.
We chose the blue subdued “Black Etna” with dark joints to obtain a unified surface, as a background to the windows and corten steel bays in a harmonious and exciting architecture and to resist any run off from the corten steel.

The brick itself has a natural surface with variations in the play of colours, structure and degree of shine, attractive both from a distance and close up. We have therefore taken brick pillars down to the storey at plinth level between the welcoming entrances, which are marked by extensive corten steel sheet.
Oblique glass balconies project from screening brick walls on the courtyard side, to give residents private south-west facing patios and views over the Royal National City Park. With care in the configuration, the choice of materials and the detailed design, we are building that attractive and modern living environment that is called for in Norra Djurgårdsstaden.

Tengbom Architects, Eva Ocklund, Sunniva Viking and Inger Thede