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Project type Storey building
Construction year 2014
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Townhouse in preetz, Germany

Mrs. Fritzsche, Preetz
Mr. Schultze, Bordesholm

Conversation with Mr. Schultze:
“We wanted to construct handicap-friendly flats for young and old in the town centre of Preetz. This modern scope of utilisation was taken into consideration during a thorough planning process.
The facade design turned out to be quite a challenge. Despite the limits of the existing urban design we still managed to integrate the residential estate into the surroundings (neighbouring houses) by means of this brick.
It was also important for us to design a residential estate for contemporary living with attractive architectural features.
We found an expressive brick directly at the brickworks Gravenstein that met all our needs in terms of achieving this goal, and this was the brick that was used in the design in the end.
The residential estate “Das Stadthaus” in Preetz is a good example of a successful balancing act between traditional brick design and modern architecture.

Architect, grad. engineer Joachim Schultze
Arthur-Zabel-Str. 49
24582 Bordesholm, Germany