3.7.37 Royal grey

Project type Business
Construction year 2012
Used products 3.7.37


The international school in Ikast-Brande had become so popular that new and bigger facilities were required. C.F. Møller has designed this light brickwork school on two floors that resembles a village with small houses surrounding a small square and lining narrow streets.

The new school buildings contain the school itself, an after-school centre and a kindergarten, and they have been constructed as an extension of the existing school complex. Using light grey bricks makes the split building structures seem indepen-
dent, at the same time adapting naturally to the surrounding brick architecture.

Every part of the building offers nice views of the green, park-like landscape and a wonderful inflow of light. The window openings are placed in a pixelated and vivid pattern that allows the natural light to make its way deep into the structures and facilitate the nice views to the delight of both young and old.
At the centre of the complex is a long, arched superstructure dressed in transparent facade elements that contains the ventilation system and the skylights. The arched design continues into the winding balconies that frame the largest and most central space in the complex – a meeting place for pupils and children on a daily basis and a space for theatre, music, refreshments, talks etc. at special occasions. The surrounding landscape takes the shape of a shadowy forest where playgrounds, playing fields and a protected area for the kindergarten have been integrated.

C. F. Møller Danmark A/S - Aarhus Department.
Photos: Martin Schubert