3.4.78 Black Beauty

Project type Single-family house
Construction year 2014
Used products 3.4.78

Quality materials and competent craftsmanship

The 250 m2 large, single-family house, located on the ground of a former but now renatured gravel pit, was the only residential nominee for a Danish architectural prize, and it actually won. The house is built in the Bauhaus-style that has its main focus on quality materials and competent craftsmanship, so the architect was pleased that the builder had the means to make the appropriate choices in compliance with the high-quality requirements. Huge windows open to the surrounding 110 acres of fields and lakes offer a wonderful view that can be enjoyed from several stories, not only from the rooftop terrace but also from the basement, the kitchen and the sitting-room.

Architect: Architecture Firm C. Bødtker ApS