3.4.78 Black Beauty

Project type Storey building
Construction year 2015
Used products 3.4.78


The new Islands Brygge area is developing rapidly and continuously adds new, attractive residential- and public service buildings to its surroundings. The “Brygge Blomsten”, designed by the Danish architects Mangor and Nagel, is just one out of many recent building projects in the new, modern city district.

The slender, solitary and eye-catching high tower provides Islands Brygge with a beautiful and monumental city landmark, presenting facades in dark, slop-moulded bricks from Egernsund Tegl (3.4.78 Black Beauty) that distinctly differentiate themselves from adjacent surroundings built in bright colours.

Deep, oblong window niches staggered by 30 degrees on every other floor generate an interesting relief effect that is further accentuated by the balconies creating a diagonal, leaf-like spiral pattern on the façade.
The ambition of the new Islands Brygge area was to create a spectacular residential area resembling a gateway to Copenhagen, and this target has already been more than fulfilled. To further add to the attractiveness of this unique residential area, plans are to build a beautiful artificial beach and lagoon running through the area.

Client: FB Group/PKA
Architect: Mangor & Nagel A/S
Engineer: Ingcon/Midtconsult
Contractor: Ingcon