3.4.79 Brownie

Project type Storey building
Construction year 2012
Used products 3.4.79

Living at the harbour

The eastern part of the harbour of Aalborg is being restructured. Recent years have seen the creation of a very attractive urban area where housing units, cultural institutions, shops and businesses join in the creation of a new and exciting encounter between the historical city centre of Aalborg and ”the new urban life” by the harbour. When the housing association Plus Bolig had the chance to purchase the former shipyard area by the eastern harbour dock, close to the inlet of Limfjorden, the plans of establishing some absolutely unique youth residences started to take shape, and the cooperation with the company Kærsgaard & Andersen A/S as coordinating contractor kicked off the development of a very exciting youth residence project.

The architectonic starting point of this task is based on the aesthetics of the harbour as a reference to this area’s past importance as a commercial harbour. Therefore the new build has to mirror the low former warehouses and the tall silos that were located on the water front. ”Beddingen” has been divided into two parts, with plenty of character, with seven and ten floors respectively, located around an east-west passage that is centrally located within the building complex.
The largest and most northerly building features four penthouse flats on the 11th floor. Each of the 166 housing units will feature a beautiful view of the inlet. Green areas will be established towards the harbour docks.

The housing units form what looks like silos around a long distribution area. This means that the corridors offer several common rooms where you can walk right up to the facade and enjoy the magnificent views through the large window sections.
Whereas the lowest building sections are covered with the blue-subdued brick ”3.4.79 Brownie” from Egernsund Tegl as a resembling reference to the lower houses by the harbour. All other facades consist of plastered surfaces with a white and warm orange colour.

The main common room is located right by the entrance, inviting and inspiring people to socialize as soon as they arrive. The project design is based on sustainable solutions, and consideration has been given to the best possible future operation and maintenance conditions by means of selecting the right solutions and materials in cooperation with the owner and the builders.