Masterblend 12007

Project type Business
Construction year 2009
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”In the early stage of this project, it was very important to us to reflect the unique character of this location of the former harbour. Throughout the work process the functio-sculptural form emerged as reminiscence of the old harbour cranes. The combination of a strong image and the historical allusion was an
aspect that was very appealing to our client. The application of bricks on the façade was meant to respectfully engage into the landscape of the dominantly spread out warehouses, but at the same time, to create something more contemporary.

With their undulating surface, the slop-molded bricks each deviate from each other; this gives the façade an almost natural and organic vitality and creates a gentle contrast to the clean outline of the building. It was this combination that was awarded by the Immobilienaward Berlin 2011, not least thanks to the expertise and professional guidance provided by Egernsunder Ziegel during the process of sampling and ordering.”

Sergei Tchoban, Architect