Masterblend 12008

Project type Business
Construction year 2011
Used products -

“The Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University now has a new main entrance with student union facilities, covering 12,800 m². One of the major challenges was to give the new main entrance the same characteristic style as the Business School’s other buildings - dating from the 1960s - but to make it a modern, attractive setting for these many functions at the same time.
During the selection phase, bricks were matched and trial walls were laid several times before it was possible to find exactly the six types of brick – using our exacting percentage specification – that jointly form the beautiful masonry in an colourful interplay of yellow, red, rose and mocha to match C. F. Møller’s original “falling leaves” facades in a mix of the original second-grade bricks. In addition, we continued the cross bonding which in itself evokes much of the original style.
The quality of Egernsund Tegl’s mix-and-match method and the bricks delivered meet our expectations to the full, and the combination is so ideal that the bricks can be laid directly from the pallets. The colours are automatically dispersed as planned.

This project was successful and we will think along similar lines in future projects.”

Lars Sørensen, CUBO Architects A/S