125 years and still burning

And we’re burning more than ever before. With clay in our veins through generations,
we know exactly what it feels like, when it has the right texture to shape bricks.

Cassis Coal

A nice little dwelling at the West coast of Denmark, built with a brick from our range of French bestsellers. 

Architect-designed bungalow with character

An architect-designed self-contained house outside Aarhus, characterised by exclusive choice of materials
and refined masonry details.

An old marketplace in Copenhagen

Has turned into a modern neighborhood with high quality apartments for discerning tenants. 

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Your own design

Egernsund Tegl’s interactive customizer invites you to explore all our products and give your own personal designs a try with different colours of joints, bonds and mixed combinations of bricks.
You can download texture- and bumpmaps as well.

Let the brick do the work

Let our products speak for themselves and enjoy them bricked up in large surfaces and refined architecture.

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