Gourmet chefs of bricks

Local manufacturing for up to eight generations, extensive know-how and a passion for the product are some of the ingredients found in the recipe used by Egernsund Tegl. The recipe has resulted in a stable progress through three centuries.

Bricks through eight generations

It is a considerable strength that our seven brickyards are divided between 3 different owners ,who have all had bricks in their families through many generations:

Being a brick manufacturer is not something you can study at the university. It is an experience and a flair that our three owners have inherited through three, six and eight generations, respectively. The owners as well as many of their employees have been part of the manufacturing process from childhood and have typically gone from being packers or floor sweepers to operating machines and having manufacturing responsibilities.

Our brickyard owners love the clay that they have become familiar with from A to Z throughout their entire lifetime. They process it from the moment it comes out of the ground and convert it into the customer’s exact need, be it bricks in black or light shades, various formats with a special texture etc. They are the gourmet chefs of bricks and know exactly when to put bricks in the oven and when the oven has the perfect temperature.

Clear division between manufacturing and sales

Egernsund Tegl is structured with a clear division between manufacturing and sales. A crucial factor in the company’s ability to achieve progress for 125 years.

On one side, three dedicated and enthusiastic brickyard owners manufacture quality bricks in all varieties. On the other side, the sales organisation Egernsund Tegl, also called Danish Brickmakers, is in charge of administration, laboratories, technology, marketing and sales. The clear division of the tasks makes it possible for us to optimise our service so that the customers can always pick the product that is just right for them and have it delivered on time.

Today, Egernsund Tegl is the sales organisation for a total of seven brickyards in Jutland, owned by three brick manufacturers.

Come backstage at our brickyards

Peter Matzen owns Matzens Teglværk and Gråsten Teglværk and is the eight generation in a family of brickyard owners at Matzens Teglværk. 
Film: Come backstage at Matzens Brickyard with Peter.

Andreas Christensen owns Vesterled Teglværk and is the family’s sixth generation of brickyard owners. Andreas and Peter also own Bachmanns Teglværk and Teglbjælker. 
Film: Come backstage at Vesterled Brickyard with Andreas.

Last, but not least, Hans Christian Hansen owns Helligsø Teglværk and Ydby Teglværk that are located in Helligsø by Thy. He is the family’s third generation of brickyard owners. 
Film: Come backstage at Helligsø Brickyard with Hans Christian.