Our story

Egernsund Tegl’s history goes back to the 1880s where the construction of the Kiel Canal resulted in a great demand for bricks. The canal was built to replace the Eider Canal whose capacity could not meet the ever-growing steamship traffic. During that period, a number of brickworks and residential properties were built in the area surrounding Flensburg Firth, and following the completion of the Kiel Canal, continuing work on the established production facilities was the natural thing to do. Egernsund Tegl was therefore established as a sales organisation for the local brickworks that employed more than 700 employees each season combined!

Today, Egernsund Tegl functions as the sales department for a total of five Jutland brickworks that are owned by three dedicated brickworks owners; three gentlemen, each with their own story and approach to bricks – and that is exactly what contributes to giving Egernsund Tegl one of the broadest and maybe most interesting brick programmes in Scandinavia. If you ask our owners, being a brick manufacturer is not something you can study at the university – it is an experience and a feeling inherited through generations. They have often been part of the manufacturing process from childhood, and the pleasure in clay and the curiosity about bricks are therefore found naturally and early on in life.