Who we are

Egernsund Wienerberger is Scandinavia’s largest brickworks. Our deep, local roots are united with an international vision and a global perspective, and our history goes back several generations. We therefore have unique expertise and experience that characterise our approach to brick and tile options each and every day. That is the exact reason that our range might very well be the widest, most complete and most innovative in all of Scandinavia. At the same time, we are committed to a sustainable future. In addition to our continuous work to reduce the CO2 footprint, we focus on products that reduce the resource consumption, form part of nature's own cycle and that can be reused again and again for many generations to come. We believe in quality that can be seen, felt and sensed - all the way through; bricks and tiles that can be shaped and that develop in step with time.

Visit our showroom at Frederiksberg

Visit our showroom at Frederiksberg, Forchhammersvej 17, and see it all: roofing tile, paving tile, brick veneer, Danish bricks and tiles to exotic bricks and tiles and much more. Coffee is on us.