In the making

Learn how a natural material taken directly from the Danish soil can be developed, processed, shaped and fired into an abundance of unique bricks.

A feeling of brick

Get close to the structure, shape and colour of bricks in our small brick teaser.


A place where you do more than reside – you live. We call it Egernsund City because we are proud of having delivered all the bricks to the growing district in Copenhagen.

Vesterled Brickyard

We think of the entire circular economy when creating our products and look at how we can make the best use of raw materials," said by Andreas Christensen, sixth generation owner at Vesterled Teglværk.

Helligsø Brickyard

Meet Hans Christian Hansen, who runs Helligsø Teglværk in Thy. Hans Christian's grandfather took over the brickyard in 1931, and Hans Christian is the third generation owner.

Matzen's Brickyard

See here where the eighth generation owner of Matzens and Gråsten brickyard, Peter Matzen, tells about his lifelong passion for bricks.