Showroom in Egernsund Denmark

Egernsund Tegl want to provide an opportunity to experiment with bricks. We have provided a room, where both professionals and private persons can find inspiration for their next building projects.

The area in the middle is meant to be playground for bricklayer apprentices, students of architecture and artists where they freely can explore the many possibilities and great potential of bricks and tile.

Showroom in Vejle Denmark

We also have an impressive showroom in the northern part of Vejle near the motorway. Teglparken is easy to find and easy to reach. Teglparken has excellent parking conditions, and right from the beginning, you will be guided by a large and informative map supported by signs and information in the actual park. You will find Teglparken at Gammelmarksvej 27 in Vejle. See the bricks exhibited in the park.
Free access, open 24/7 all year round. The park is unstaffed.