We offer the entire package

Egernsund Tegl offers everything from bricks, moulded bricks, brick beams, girders and ties to project consultancy. We are proud of the positive feedback that we receive from our customers (see bottom). However, we do not rest on our laurels, because bricks are in our hearts. Through centuries, we have worked and experimented with clay to find our way to the core of the material and to get to know its potential. We bring that experience and professionalism with us into all stages of the construction process. We are there every step of the way – from the first, initial meeting until the last mortar has dried.

We are part of all projects in an open and honest manner because we believe that cooperation at eye level lifts the vision and strengthens construction. It also becomes easier to identify and prevent challenges that may occur later on in the process. It is important to us that the customer can feel at rest throughout the construction process. We therefore guarantee one permanent contact, thereby ensuring trustful communication and the proper perspective.

Our customers say:

Egernsund Tegl has competitive prices – they are professional and good at follow-up. They are really into customer service, and that’s the reason that we’ve often chosen Egernsund Tegl. The fact that we have one permanent contact makes the process simple and flexible.

Anders Bidstrup | Partner Ingcon A/S

Cooperation with Egernsund Tegl is great. They do quick delivery, even at short notice. Delivery has always been possible, so we have never run dry on the site. It’s also super that we only have to talk to Henriette (project manager) – I don’t have to explain a whole lot… she knows what I mean.

Jørgen Egelund | Partner Larsen & Egelund ApS

I feel that cooperation with Egernsund Tegl is fantastic! For example, we have a case right now that involves a lot of different bricks, and keeping track of them all can be quite challenging, but I feel that we managed great together! Only having one permanent contact is super. When you write or call, you almost feel that the person knows what you’re thinking! I have a lot going on every day (other construction projects), so it’s super that you know what I’m talking about, and you give quick and precise replies. We know what we’re dealing with! You only get high praise from us, and we’re looking forward to good cooperation in the future.

Mads Poulsen | Murermester Niels Poulsen ApS