3.2.81 Blue devil with yellow

Project type Storey building
Construction year 2013
Used products 3.2.81

Slussplan, Sweden

In 2013, Malmö got a new, unique landmark. White has designed the twelve-storey high residential block at Slussplan that gives the previously unglamorous junction a face lift. White received the commission to design the new residential block at Slussplan through a competition that was arranged as far back as 2002. Slussplan was then an abandoned bus station where railway tracks converged and motor traffic pulled in.
The requirements were, in other words, far from simple. The idea of the winning entry was to create an attractive landmark in the city and it was therefore chosen to design the building with all of twelve storeys.

Brick was the obvious choice for the high facade to the north and the track area. Here they wanted to create a durable but at the same time expressive facade that was visible from a long way away. The round corner is a fine detail where the capacity of the brick to be able to be shaped is well shown. In the inner courtyard the brick creates a feeling of an interior together with wooden trellis. The shiny bricks bring down light from the sky to the ground in an exciting manner. The block contains both rented apartments and co-operative flats of various sizes. From the inner entrance courtyard, one approaches the common patio, close to the canal.

Here there is also room to hang up kayaks! Higher up in the block there is a two-storey high terrace space with a view over all the exciting parts of the city, up to an assembly room with a sauna. On the ground floor will be found shops and a restaurant with a pavement café to the south.

Maud Karlström and Sven Gustafsson, White Architects.

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