2.7.02 Royal Ghost

Project type Townhouse
Construction year 2014
Used products 2.7.02

Henriksholm by Kim Utzon

Henriksholm presents a pearl of high architectonic quality in the middle of unique and picturesque scenery, rich in flora and fauna. The architect behind parts of the project was Kim Utzon.

“Who decides to settle down in Henriksholm will be living in a residential area of high architectonic quality, carefully designed to emphasize the unique beauty of the scenery. Henrikholm’s nature embraces the charming and varying qualities of woodland, meadows and lakes in gently sloped scenery that forms a fascinating environment. The location of the houses duly considers the uniqueness of the scenery and allows each of them to really enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Every single house has a spectacular view to areas of the characteristic scenery and all look out on atriums, terraces, open fields, meadows and the natural Maglemose amenity. Both to the North, the West and the South they can all enjoy the seasonal changes in the beauty of flora and fauna”.

Architecht Kim Utzon, Architect MMA BDA