2.2.29 Red with buff

Project type Business
Construction year 2008
Used products -

The old steel mill (hotel in germany)

On the property of a former iron foundry we projected the new construction of a hotel called The Old Steel Mill.

Based upon the reinforced concrete framework of what used to be former days’ grinding hall we wanted to build a hotel that reflected the history of the area and represented the desired constructional exterior and expression. In due consideration of our objective, we designed three red brick blocks whose building date the hotel guests had difficulties in estimating already shortly after the inauguration.

Two years later, on the same property, we were offered the opportunity to add a third building which we therefore deliberately designed to appear in the exact same style as the hotel. Connected to the hotel with a glass-covered foot bridge in fourth floor height the new building houses additional conference rooms for the hotel, and offices, senior citizen apartments and a restaurant on ground floor. On completion of the project we had turned an industrial property from the past into a contemporary residential service area with its own particular character.