3.7.34 Royal Dawn

Project type Business
Construction year 2004
Used products 3.7.34


In the city of Metzinger, the Lindenplatz, is a natural link between the city center and an area with factory outlets. The amorphous buildings are connected to Lindenplatz by 3 bridges over the river Erms, and form an almost transparent filter between the areas. The layout of the townscape causes the buildings not to have a clearly defined front and backside. The structure and color of the brick facades create a transition between the historical brick facades of the factory outlet area, and the sandstone- and concrete facades of the houses around Lindenplatz.

The individual mix and play of colors is caused by the processing and burning of the bricks, and makes it possible to create a very “living” masonry. The endless possibilities, give the buildings their uniqueness and character. The amounts of positive feedback confirm, that is was wise to use so much energy on choosing the right material.

We would like to thank Egernsunder Ziegel for an outstanding cooperation during this assignment.

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