2.1.91 Contignac, 2.7.83 Royal Night

Project type Storey building
Construction year 2017
Used products 2.7.83

Iris House — inspired by San Gimignano

The inspiration for Iris House is drawn from the North Italian town of San Gimignano, where towers and solid brick blocks form a symbiosis around the inner space in the south-European town. The varied and surprising details in the façade of Iris Hus – like San Gimignano – call for more than just a glance, and contribute to the architectural diversity that characterises the green quarter of Copenhagen.
The façades are given their character by graphic diagonal lines, which appear in alternating windows either in the same plane as the outer façade, or embedded deep in the wall, lined with dark openings and brick-on-edge courses. The same diagonal pattern is reflected in a smaller scale in brickwork details.
Årstiderne Arkitekter/TRANSFORM

2.1.91 Contignac is not reproduced among the products we show, as this brick was specially developed for the Iris House project.