Why use bricks

100 % natural

Clay bricks are a 100 % natural product, consisting of a mixture of clay, sand and water. Generally the mortar used in your brickwork is also as natural and generally consists of cement, sand, lime and water.

Healthy indoor climate

In today’s modern hectic lifestyle the internal environment of your house can continually change through the humidity, steam and resulting condensation created when taking showers, cooking and drying clothes.

Whilst modern houses are constructed to deal with the demands of your lifestyle older properties may not be so well built to handle them.
However, clay bricks when used as internal wall facades can help in creating a healthier indoor climate as the bricks breathe and absorb levels of humidity, helping in keeping the atmosphere dryer.
Untreated brick walls not only look attractive but will absorb airborne moisture and give it off again when the humidity is low, balancing out your internal climate.
When used internally, untreated clay brickwork contributes towards the environmental consciousness of the property.

Future requirements

The micro pores in the surface of a brick absorbs the moisture, steam and condensation created, giving it off again into the atmosphere, better than any other building material.
Without proper and adequate ventilation high humidity and poor air circulation obviously affects the internal climate and can lead to high levels of condensation and mould, dust mites etc.

High insulation ability

Cool in Summer and warm in Winter. It's not just a question of insulation, if you want a good indoor temperature. It is also very much a matter of good building materials. Brick has the unique ability to accumulate heat. This means that tile absorbs and releases heat slowly. So you will see a cool house in the summer heat and a warm house in the winter cold.

Absorbs sounds and noise

A house built of bricks is effectively insulated. Brickwalls not only reduce sounds and noise in the house but also from the outside - from roads and neighbours.

A long relationship

Bricks are primarily known for their durability. They are made of clay, which is burned hard. The burning method ensures that they are color-resistant and resistant to the Danish weather. Moreover, they are frost resistant, they exclude humidity and has a high insulation against heat, cold and sound.

Our brick is characterized by high dimensional accuracy and high tensile strength. All bricks are part of our quality control. This ensures a proper and solid masonry. We are also connected to Danish Brick Control, which means that there are supervising our control of the bricks.

Sustainability and bricks

After including all indicators of sustainability (the economic, the social and the environmental) of a traditional tile product as a brick or roof tiles, you will find that tile is a significant and positive contribution to sustainable development and sustainable construction. Brick houses with tile roofs are in other words, an environmentally, socially and economically sound investment.

Natural colouring

By evolution clays come in either red or yellow firing colours. The intensity of the colour will depend on the type of clay, the production method, the type of firing process and the temperature at which the clay is fired at in the kiln. In today’s modern manufacturing environment, a wide variety of colours and textures are now available from yellow, red, pink, brown, blue and grey but these can be made different by blending different clay types together and varying the temperature and time during the firing process.
The body of a fired and untreated brick is 100 % a natural product and is completely inert and will not give off any pollutant or allergen.

Bricks give you a wealth of opportunity

You'll find no other building material, which offers so many options to show who you are! Use your imagination and put your own personal and individual touch anywhere inside and outside your house. You can choose from over 200 different colors, shapes and textures for walls, facades, floors, roofs and exterior tiling.

Common sense

Building a house is an investment. A house built of bricks is a safe choice. It is of high quality and has a high resale. How often do we hear the phrase: "Invest in bricks" - and it is not without reason.