TB Drains

    TB drains are used to wall in window- and door-openings and replace traditional cardboard inserts. TB drains drain off driving rain that penetrates the front wall. 

    TB drains have many advantages.
    So, for example, they

    • increase the strength of the brick beam
    • are easier to handle in installation
    • ensure much better drainage efficiency   
    • are supplied together with brick beams 


    TB drains are stocked at all five brickyards, available for the following brick beam sizes: 

    • TB drain for 4 brick lintel
    • TB drain for 5 brick lintel
    • TB drain for 6 brick lintel
    • TB drain for 7 brick lintel
    • TB drain for 8 brick lintel
    • TB drain for 9 brick lintel
    • TB drain for 10 brick lintel
    • TB drain for 12 brick lintel
    • TB drain for 14 brick lintel
    • TB drain for 16 brick lintel



    TB drains replace traditional cardboard inserts over windows and doors and drain off penetrating water to both sides of the installation, where it runs down the rear side of the front wall, or, where this is not possible, out through the front wall via an end close. 



    When calculating brick beams incorporating TB drains, you should consider a 10% reduction of the beam width. In return, you can set the beam height equal to the wall height as there is no separating layer in the form of cardboard inserts. This will usually ensure a greater support capacity of the brick beam. 



    TB drains and end closes are made of PVC that ensures the max possible use of regrind (recycled material). TB drains are black, and the end closes are white.



    The drains must not be stored where exposed to direct sunlight. Adhesives should be kept at room temperature (i.e. approx. 20°C).

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